At Cultural Spark, we offer personalized consulting services to equip organizations with a practical roadmap and tools for successful business in culturally diverse markets. Our approach includes identifying personal biases and assumptions through self-reflection exercises, providing feedback and training on navigating cultural nuances for effective communication and relationships.

Cultural Spark, specializes in helping meeting and event organizations and professionals thrive in the Latin American Market. Say goodbye to lost opportunities and hello to greater profitability in this dynamic market!

Services Offered

  • Cultural Intelligence Business Consulting

    Enhance your team’s cultural awareness and communication skills specific to Latin American markets.

    Consulting for Market Expansion: Receive expert guidance in expanding your meeting and event planning company in navigating cultural nuances and expanding into the Latin American market.

  • Customized Communication Strategies

    Tailored strategies to overcome language barriers, cultural differences, and miscommunications for effective business interactions.

    Partnership Building: Develop strong relationships and partnerships with local suppliers and stakeholders in Latin America.

  • Learning & Development Trainings and Presentations

    To help meeting and event professionals build stronger relationships and succeed in the Latin American market. Bridging Divides through Cultural Intelligence and Building Connections.

    Learner Outcomes:

    • Improve self-awareness of how culture influences interactions in a business setting.
    • Develop and apply cultural intelligence to conduct business effectively.
    • Understand the effectiveness of working with multicultural colleagues and customers and apply cultural values in the workplace for success.
  • CQ Assessments

    Individual or Group Cultural Intelligence Basic Assessments /Development Plans.

    Results highlight their capability to work and relate across different cultures by measuring their skills in the 4 areas of Cultural Intelligence research-based model.

Benefits of Our Services

  • Enhanced cultural awareness and communication skills in Latin American markets.

  • Build strong relationships for successful business interactions.

  • Increased effectiveness in negotiations and navigating cultural nuances.

  • Enhanced reputation and credibility, showcasing your understanding of the Latin American market and your clients.

  • Retain top talent through thought leadership training and learning and development sessions that uncover untapped potential.

  • Increased business opportunities and greater profitability through a competitive edge and business growth.

Ready to succeed in the Latin American market? Contact us today to discuss your specific challenges and how our expertise can drive your business forward.

Let’s Create a Cultural Spark!

Through proven research and evidence based framework your organization will benefit from increased market share, improved business results, talent effectiveness and client retention.

“My goal is to provide the tools necessary to improve cultural awareness and effectiveness in your organization through ongoing academic research-based engagement and learning. ”

Melissa Acosta

Founder & President, Cultural Spark

Melissa Acosta
Cultural Business Consulting

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